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Lease Purchase

                                            Rent To own Homes

In the past I have pretty strictly advised clients against doing any sort of lease purchase, rent to own type deal. As they have been commonly done, they are just not a good deal for the buyer/tenant. The buyer puts up extra money in the hopes of one day owning the home but the sad fact is that they almost never close. The money is wasted.

That is why I am so excited about these new programs. They wont work for everybody but they are a great program for many people. There is low entry cost, fixed rent payments, and include an honest to goodness path to ownership!

 The Buyer gets to pick from homes that are currently FOR SALE. Not just homes that are offered for lease purchase. This gives a much wider selection and much better quality homes to choose from!

Right now these programs are only available in a few states and in Ga it is only in Metro Atlanta. I am concentrating on Cobb, Paulding, Bartow, North Fulton,Forsyth, and Cherokee counties but other areas are available. If you know anybody searching for a lease option home in or near those areas give me a shout!

My website is still in the works but fairly functional so check it out!



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