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Issue number 1, Bob Southard, Service For Life!

Issue # 1

Inside This Issue…
Eight Important Rules For Keeping
Your Kids Safe Online….Page 1
Here Are Seven Ways To Save A
Bundle On Your Monthly Grocery
Bill….Page 2
Have You Stopped Seeing Results
From Your Workouts?...Page 2
Did You Win My Client Of The
Month Award?….Page 3
Simple Fire Safety Tips That Could
Save Your Family’s Life….Page 3
Beat This Trivia Question And You
Could Win Movie Tickets.…Page 4
How My Proprietary “Maximum
Home Value Audit” Gets You Top
Dollar For Your Home….Page 4





Issue #2

Inside This Issue…
Here’re Six Steps You Can Take To
Increase Your Optimism...Page 1
Homeowners Are Cashing In Big,
And How You Can Too!…Page 2
Finally, An Effective Way To Unclog
Stubborn Drains...Page 2
Here Are Five Secrets For Saving A
Bundle On Auto Insurance...Page 3
Beat This Trivia Question And You
Could Win Movie Tickets...Page 4
How Much Home Can You
Afford?...Page 4




Bob Southard "Service For Life!" Issue #3



                                         Issue # 3

Inside This Issue…
Try These 10 Quick Ways To
Increase Your Energy….Page 1
Save A Bundle On Water Heater
Energy Costs….Page 2
Here’s Another Easy Home Energy
Saving Technique….Page 3
This Valuable Safety Tip Could
Prevent Serious Injury….Page 3
Beat This Trivia Question And You
Could Win ....Page 4






 Issue # 4


Issue #4

Inside This Issue…
How To Avoid Embarrassing Auto
Troubles….Page 1
The Subconscious Meaning Of
Visiting Open Houses….Page 2
Vacationing? Here’s A Free
Resource For Safely Taking Your
Pet With You….Page 3
How You Can Make Life Around
The Home Easier.…Page 3
Beat This Trivia Question And You
Could Win Movie Tickets….Page 4
Here Are Four Tips For Getting Top
Dollar For Your Home….Page 4








Issue #5

Inside This Issue…
Smile – You May Be On Candid
Camera…Page 1
Tips To Stay Healthy On Your Next
Flight….Page 2
Are YOU My Client Of The
Month?….Page 3
How To Manage Carpal Tunnel
Syndrome….Page 3
Are You At Risk For Tetanus?…
Page 3
Beat This Trivia Question And You
Could Be A Winner! …Page 4
Avoid This Mistake When Selling
Your Home.…Page 4

Issue #6

Issue 6 Inside This IssueBeware – Your Computer May Be A Zombie…Page 1

 Up to $1000 off at Lowes! ... Page 2   Tips For Handling Your Next Traffic Ticket….Page 2

Crazy Country Western Song Titles! …. Page 2 Here Are Three Shrewd Job Interview Tactics….Page 3

The Wackiest Laws On The Books! …Page 3   Trivial Pursuits … Page 4

The Four Essential Phases For Selling Your Home….Page 4
Even More Trivia…Page 5













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